About Us

Our Mission

At Titan Worx, our mission is to provide web site creation, development and maintenance at a professional level while keeping it all affordable. We understand that the world wide web is often the initial point of contact between companies and their clients. We are dedicated to helping you achieve the most effective web presence possible because we know that you only have one chance for a good first impression!

Here at Titan Worx, we work with you to determine your needs so we can develop an innovative web site that portrays your company in the most positive and professional way. We realize that no company is the same, which is why our services and prices are tailored to fit your company’s individual and unique needs.

Not only will we provide you with a customized web site, but after we implement the initial changes, we will then follow up with as little or as much maintenance as you desire. Don’t wait any longer, find out what Titan Worx can do for you and your company.

So how are we different?

Our focus is not on getting the project done fast, it is on getting the project done right.  We have over 10 years experience working with clients ranging from one-person-shop businesses to multi-million dollar corporations. Having the capacity to scale up or down to fit your needs.

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